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U.S. Airline Bookings, CPI (Consumer Price Index), Coinbase Stock (COIN), and Harrison Johnson, CFP®: Series I Savings Bonds

May 16, 2022

U.S. Airline Bookings
I have said that I believe the economy will be held up by a shift from goods to services throughout the rest of this year. I was a bit worried with my prediction when I saw a headline that U.S. airline bookings dropped 17% last month from March.

CPI (Consumer Price Index)
I'm still sticking with my prediction that inflation likely peaked last month at 8.5%. All that means to me is that is likely the highest reading we will see. It does not mean that inflation will not remain a problem. 

Coinbase stock (COIN)
Coinbase stock (COIN) has been absolutely hammered this year as it is down nearly 80% and in the last week alone it is down close to 50%. There was a recent disclosure in the company's recent 10-Q that is filed with the SEC that would absolutely spook me as an investor. 


Harrison Johnson, CFP®: Series I Savings Bonds

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